Whole30 Day 1: Ghee Recipe & Giveaway!




For years, I was all about avoiding dietary fat. After all, I was a Nutrition & Food Science major in the early 1990s, when “no-fat, high-carb” was king. Sure, I gorged on frozen yogurt and bagels, but hey: They were low-fat! It became almost like a game: How could I minimize my daily fat intake? And I wasn’t the only one — after all, it was the decade of olestra, the laboratory-concocted fat substitute that promised zero calories and zero fat. As long as it meant ingesting no fat, who cared if it caused some anal leakage?

Not surprisingly, my low-fat lifestyle didn’t yield better health — nor was eating hyper-processed, cardboard-flavored food particularly satisfying. When I finally went Paleo, it was a relief to finally embrace healthy fats again.

But what exactly are healthy fats?

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